New AUTOID9 Handheld Terminal
AUTOID6L-W Handheld Terminal


  • Logisitic Express
  • Store Business
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Industry
  • Public Service
Logisitic Express

As a practitioner of intelligent logistics,SEUIC sets to solve problems rooted in the worst application environment with highest infield device usage situation,focus on solve core issues in area like "logistic,Allocating Center work efficiency"by "Improving the efficiency of manual work","Optimizing actual operation processes","Reducing enterprise operating costs",at the same time,win over customer approval rate and market share!More 

Store Business

The core of new era retail is to make the retail industry reconstruct the human freight yard through digital technology,revolve around the needs of consumers,and ultimately build an efficient multi-dimensional business ecosystem.More 


Whether data is real-time,accurate or precise has become one of the more important indexes of intelligent manufacturing,SEUIC are committed to layout intelligent information collection / tracing,warehousing,work process collection,defect inspection and other links of manufaturing,to create a transparent factory of new era.More 

Medical Industry

Clinical mobility improves the quality of patient care in all parts of the world with its strong,highly transformative trend. It is expected ttha within five years,use of mobile devices in China's medical clinical scene will be 99%. SEUIC will continue to develop more advanced mobile equipment for the health care industry,along with in-depth application and solutions to help improve the communication between medical staff,reduce the occurrence of medical errors and improve patients' experience.More 

Public Service

The essence of intelligent city is to make use of advanced information technology to realize intelligent management and operation of city through intelligent interconnection of data,including all aspects of the city,including government, education,electricity supply,transportation,water supply and etc. SEUIC has long been setting this as a goal and her social responsibility,and will carry this as she develops and grows along with the city and the world.More 

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