Characteristics and advantages

lThe best screen size to show the advantages of Android apps:
Take advantage of Android apps with a 4-inch screen.Provide more information and better, touch operation experience.

lStill comfortable to hold after 8 hours operation:
58mm slim grip for comfortable grip.Back arc design, handle-like grip experience. Reasonable weight design to avoid top-heavy effect.

lConvenient and efficient button design, operating efficiency increased by 30%:
Insight into the use habits of logistics warehouse infield applications, user-friendly button design, streamlined operational procedures, improves operational efficiency by more than 30%.

lScanning tips are easy to perceive under high load and noisy environments:
Eye-catching LED lights. Professional level cavity design, 110db. The volume is twice that of similar products and supports vibration reminders.

lMore Sturdy, always ready for challenges of demanding environments:
1.8m drop, IP65.

lPowerful scanning performance to fully meet the needs of high-intensity infield scanning:
Professional 1D/2D scanning engine. Scan various barcodes easily. Fast speed, more than 3 scans per second.

lBest WIFI among Android in-field application:
Solve the problem of insufficient signal coverage and reduce the cost of enterprise network building. Solve the problem of high AP deployment density, provide smooth communication. Solve the problem of data transmission in high-level warehouses, real-time data exchange.

lLong battery life, enough for 2 shifts:
AI smart power saving design, effective power saving more than 20%. High quality 5200mAh large capacity battery, 2~3 hours fast charge, hot swap supported.

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