Characteristics and advantages

The bamboo shape is used as the design language, and the side body adopts the concave design of the bamboo section:
The three-dimensional curved surface cutting on the back side effectively reduces the thickness of the body.
The product is more sculptural and has a more comfortable grip feel.

Scanning code is easier:
Equipped with the East Set X3 scanning engine, 80cm depth of field.
Effectively reduce the fatigue of long-term field operations and bring a good user experience.
High performance algorithms such as subpixels and stitching.

4G high speed transmission:
Hand-held scene special optimization + dual antenna + intelligent switching technology.
4G full Netcom, dual card dual standby, can also be called while data transmission.

Dual Band Wi-Fi:
2.4G and 5G dual-band Wi-Fi, together with the unique signal amplification technology, can fully meet the complex environment such as serious channel interference, high roaming capability, and fast back connection.

Multiple positioning:
Five technical smart switching, GPS + Beidou + GLONASS + A-GPS + NLP.

Calls can still be clearly made in noisy environments:
Dual MIC noise reduction technology that automatically filters noisy ambient noise;
Front speaker, speaker sound 98db.

Focusing, fast imaging, and clear picture quality:
With 13 million rear camera and phase focusing technology, the focus speed and focus accuracy are greatly improved, and the focusing time is <0.3 seconds, which improves work efficiency.

Long-lasting battery life for all-weather use:
Large-capacity battery + intelligent power-saving design, for more than 16 hours of continuous use.

At the same time, it is still sturdy:
IP67 waterproof rating, 1.5m drop rating, experienced more than 60 reliability tests, adapt to a variety of harsh environments.

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