Characteristics and advantages

Redefining the thinnest portable data acquisition terminals:
Full configuration weight<227g, 12.8mm thickness. The lightest and thinner of its kind, easy to carry.

5.2-inch Full screen without keyboard design 1080P FHD big screen:
IPS screen, Better color saturation and wider viewing angle for multi-view visual applications. Support glove, dry and wet hand touch to meet the requirement of various special industry operations.

Industry innovation, hover scan key design , faster operation:
Touch the screen to complete the scanning action, adapt to more holding habits. The touch position can be adjusted at will to adapt to various App interfaces and operating habits.

Lightning fast bar code acquisition, More efficient on-site scanning:
CRUISE 1(P) solves the problem of slow camera decoding speed and fully satisfies the data collection requirements in various application scenarios.

Front-end NFC reading design, convenient and fast:
Convenient front-end NFC reading design, ergonomic design, replace the traditional terminal NFC lower contact working method, simplify operation, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

Three-mode positioning a wider range of applications:
Support GPS, Beidou, GLONASS three-mode positioning, globally applicable. Obtain faster and precise location information service in navigation applications.

Real-time data transferring, faster and more stable:
Full Netcom 4G, DSDS, data transmission, and call.
Dual-band five-mode Wi-Fi. It is necessary to quickly reconnect and other requirements and to ensure high-speed and stable transmission in complex environments.

Automatic noise reduction technology for high quality calls:
Automatically filters out noisy ambient noise, be able to hear calls clearly even on the most busy streets with constantly flowing traffic, fully satisfy the demanding request door of voice quality in outdoor application.

Precise focusing, fast imaging, high picture quality, leading technology in camera technology:
CRUISE 1(P) adopts 13 MP rear camera and takes the lead in adopting phase focusing technology, which greatly improves the focusing speed and focusing accuracy.

IP67, 1.5m drop:
Passed more than 60 severe tests such as IP67, 1.5m drop,50kg pressure test. CRUISE 1(P) is durable and reliable.

Fast charging, low power consumption, long battery life, support full function of the device for up to 12 hours:
4500mAh Large battery + unique low-power consumption technology, support 12 hours of uninterrupted use.

Accessories(Only for reference)

  • 5-slot charging cradle
  • arm bag
  • screen protector
  • silicone case
  • USB cable
  • single slot charging cradle

Optional accessories (Only for reference)

  • 5-slot charging cradle
  • arm bag
  • screen protector
  • silicone case
  • USB cable
  • single slot charging cradle

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