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Warehouse Management Solutions Using Handheld Terminals

Release time:2019-03-13
Warehouse management is very important in supply chain for most companies. Efficient warehouse management could improve the speed of material flow, it also could reduce the cost. With the expand of companies, kinds of material are more and more, the frequency of input and outbound is higher and higher, which increase the difficulty of warehouse management. It costs much time and mistakes with traditional management and data collection, which results in big loss and low efficiency of company. 

It is urgent to improve the efficiency of warehouse management in the development of companies. With the handheld terminal, it could improve the efficiency of warehouse management, as well reduces the mistakes, which could meet the requirements of warehouse management.Handheld terminal is widely used in management of in & out warehouse, inventory, data collection and data transmission.

Management of put in & out of warehouse

For the outbound management, with the usage of handheld terminal, it could find name and quantity of products and scan the barcode with the order number, after that, it could send the data to computer system. It could ensure the accuracy, reduce the mistakes, as well improve the efficiency.

When the goods put into warehouse, and set them in the noted position according to the rules, it scans the barcodes of position and products by handheld terminal, and the data could be transferred to computer system by handheld terminal.

Management of inventory

With handheld terminal, it could scan the barcode and recognize the quantity of products, then send the data to computer system. With the collected data, it could analyze the profit and loss of warehouse with computer system.

Automatic replenishment order

It could scan the barcode of products to know the stock quantity, and transfer data of replenishment quantity to computer system by handheld terminal.

Introduction of AUTOID6L-W

Handheld Terminal

AUTOID6L-W is one experienced handheld terminal supplied by Seuic widely used in warehouse management, which is focused on high-load in-field applications.

About data collecting, AUTOID6L-W handheld terminal adopts dual input method combing resistive touch and digital keystroke, could be operated by one hand, which meet various requirement of data collecting. It widening the keyboard size and clearance of AUTOID6L-W, which is more suitable for operation with gloves. Battery of AUTOID6L-W is lithium kind, it could meet the needs of 8 hours persist working. There are kinds accessories for selection, which could be used in different industries.

AUTOID6L-W supports various barcode scanning, such as tainted barcode, bubble bag or film barcode, barcode of conveyor blelt moving sweep, long-distance barcode recognition, colored barcode, high density barcode and so on.

AUTOID6L-W supports 2.4G and 5G double frequent WIFI, with more table transmission speed. According to the deployment method of AP in warehouse, the roaming performance is adjusted, the seamless roaming performance is excellent, and the wireless requirement of stereoscopic warehouse is satisfied by switching between multiple AP instantly.