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Supermarket management

Release time:2018-06-19
Big volume of goods turnover requires fast response, operators should scan the barcodes of fast-selling goods and notify administrator to prepare stock replenishment timely, promotion items have the requirements of barcodes scanning, updating prices, regular stock take and account checking. So comfort grip, portability, scan efficiency and stability, and reliable Wi-Fi performance of industrial handheld terminals is essential to meet the intensive work in supermarket.

Recommendation: AUTOID7P & AUTOID6L


1、Ergonomic comfort grip

2、Meet the demand of daily 10,000 high-intensity scan

3、Fast and stable Wi-Fi transmission, seamless roaming supported

4、8 hours continuous working time

5、IP65 sealing rate; 5ft./1.5m drop tested, adapt to harsh industrial environments

    At present, Jingkelong, WUMART and other supermarkets are using AUTOID Handheld Terminals to stock take and account checking. We gained their good reputations because of AUTOID perfect performance. In near future, AUTOID will be accompanied by more supermarkets to help them solve the problems of tedious stock take and account checking.