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Inventory Management Using a Warehouse PDA Barcode Scanner

Release time:2019-05-20

Warehouse PDA barcode scanner is one kind of devices for warehouse inventory, which is also called data collector, handheld terminal, and so on. According to the usage, Warehouse PDA barcode scanner could be divided into line type inventory machine and portable wireless inventory machine. Line type inventory machine should be fixed to a noted position, when read the barcodes, it should put the barcode in the front of scanner, which limits the usage and scales. Line type inventory machine could not be off-line used, such as warehouse storage inventory. Portable warehouse Warehouse PDA barcode scanner could be used in multiple industries. 

Portable warehouse PDA barcode scanner is designed for data collection and scanner in different industries, which supports off-line usage. Portable inventory PDA is also called handheld terminal, handheld PDA. When reading barcodes, operators could pick the inventory PDA to scan the barcode, the data could be transferred to background system automatically, which could ensure the accuracy and timeline of inventory, simplify the operation and improves the efficiency of inventory.

NEW AUTOID9: PDA barcode scanner for warehouse and logistic express management

1. Multiple data collection: It adopts various scan engine, which could support 1 D & 2D barcodes, HF & UHF & NFC & GPS recognition, as well printfinger and ID recognition.

2. Operation system: It adopts Android 5.1 and fast four-core CPU, Unrelated programs occupy zero, stable and efficient, and support multiple tasks running smoothly, which is the best guarantee for mobile information processing.

3. Portable design: It weighs only 270g, with only 12mm thickness, which is portable to carry and operate.

4. 12hours continuous usage: It adopts 4000mAh big lithium battery, which could operate 12hours continuously.

5. Multiple communication: It supports 4G network, WIFI, Bluetooth and other communication types.

6. Strong industrial protection design: It has been tested by IP67, could be used in dust, rain, snow and other difficult environment, which could resist 1.5m fallen damage and rolling tests.

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Seuic is a leading manufacturer of handheld terminal, with research center and production lines. Handheld terminal supplied by Seuic is equipped with professional laser scanning engine, waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall, support WiFi wireless communication, strong signal reception, anti-interference. With commodity inventory, commodity review, price query, inventory query, data analysis and other functions.