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Essential things to know about informatization of store managements

Release time:2018-06-19
In store managements, replenishment and inventory checking is the most confusing work for managers, so the informatization is urgently needed. Nowadays, PDA could be used to identify all kinds of tags and verify the checking results by Wi-Fi or 3G networks in  normal store managements or random inspections by headquarters. PDA devices must be portable to reduce the burden of daily work and improve the working efficiency. 
Barcode Applications: AUTOID9
RFID-UHF Applications: AUTOID6- Multiple Tages
1. Good-looking and portable design
2. Quick to identify all kinds of goods and anti fake label
3. Quick 3G network and Wi-Fi supported 
4. IP65/ IP67/ 1.5m drop tested 

industrial PDA

      Right now, various brands' stores have started to use AUTOID Products to do the inventory checking and Anti faking.  "Wuliangye", the most famous alcohol brand is using the AUTOID 6 to make inventory check while packaging the RFID tags in the bottle, it's easy and efficient to anti fake by scanning various boxes simultaneously.  

     Hope more managers in stores pay attention to AUTOID and let AUTOID help you on the informatization.