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SEUIC AUTOID9 handheld terminal fully supported China Second World War 70th Anniversary Parade

Release time:2018-06-19

September 3rd in Beijing, a massive parade has showed off some of its newest military hardware and marked China's celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

The AUTOID9 handheld terminaof SEUIC was honored as the only designated inspection instrument to escort the parade's equipment !

A parade of 12,000 troops, 200 aircraft and dozens of tanks and missiles have sweeped down Beijing's central Avenue of Eternal Peace and through Tiananmen Square on Sept. 3  

  "We feel very lucky and proud to have contributed to the parade." Wang Zhengguo, general manager of SEUIC division, said in an interview with reporters.AUTOID9 handheld terminal as a basic tool for data management, mainly used in military parade in the "physical examination", by reading equipment and personnel to access information collection and management of the equipment and the protection of the work of the 3 aspects of quantitative management.

The so-called "physical examination", which is to use the AUTOID9 handheld terminal equipment for a comprehensive "physical examination", the completion of the circuit, circuit, gas, water and power, communications, transmission, brake, steering and other parts of the inspection and maintenance, ensure the technical condition of the equipment is good.

As to the quantitative management of the equipment and the protection of the equipment, staff use the AUTOID9 handheld terminal.It can be through the chart showing the situation of the overall control of the equipment in good condition, inspection and assessment of the situation, the comprehensive protection of personnel and equipment and out of the situation, for the scientific deployment of training to provide an objective basis and practical reference.

It is understood that the AUTOID series of products has been second times to provide equipment for the military parade record technical services.The first was in 2009, when the AUTOID6 handheld terminal is designated as the total equipment for the national day of the 60 anniversary of the national military parade equipment inspection recorder.

With excellent performance, AUTOID6 handheld terminal successfully completed the 60 anniversary of the National Day military parade to protect the glorious mission,which was led by the head of the military parade and the protection of the staff.

After a lapse of six years, with a strong core technology, AUTOID9 handheld terminal once again become a military parade equipment support management only designated work recorder.This is a positive AUTOID brand, but also a driving force for the continuous AUTOID.As a national brand, AUTOID will always take the quality as the core, continuous innovation and development, to help raise our army parade.