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Application of Handheld Terminal in Commodity Management

Release time:2019-04-17

As a tool of data acquisition and data interaction, handheld terminal could transmit and feedback information between front and background database by reading the information of barcode or RFID tag. Handheld terminal is portable and compact, which is convenient for various mobile applications. It plays an important role in the management of shopping malls, warehouse and distribution, greatly improves the efficiency of management, which is widely used in various fields, specially in commodity management.

Commodity Storage

Inspectors check the commodity from supplier by handheld terminal, they can also scan the barcode of commodity by handheld terminal to get the item, quantity, origin and other information. Commodity information would be sent and saved to backstage database. 

Commodity Shows

It could check, renew and add tags of commodity with the usage of handheld terminal, which could keep the whole and real information, reduce the mistakes. At the same time, retail store staff could record the information by handheld terminal, reduce the labor intensity, improve the accuracy and efficiency.

Commodity Sales

It could check the details about the commodity, such as price, type, stock, discount by scanning barcode with handheld terminal.

Handheld Terminal

Seuic is a leading manufacturer of industrial PDA and handheld terminal, with research center and production lines, which supports 1D & 2D barcode scanning, RFID UHF, NFC and DPM recognition. With IP67 industrial protection grade, industrial PDA is widely used in logistic express, manufacturing, public service, retail, medical industry and other industries.