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Promote Better Cost-effectiveness of Warehousing and Logistics Industry - SEUIC Debut CeMAT Russia2019

Release time:2019-09-25

September 24,Russia's only warehousing & logistics management exhibition - CeMAT Russia opened in Moscow.

As a pioneer and a firm practitioner of smart logistics, SEUIC brings together data capture products specially designed for all links of warehousing and logistics, and the wonderful scene will be presented for you!

CeMAT Russia 2019

At the booth of SEUIC, our staff are receiving warm visitors.

SEUIC focuses on IoT data capture technology for more than 10 years. On the road of Informatization development in the warehousing and logistics industry, SEUIC has always been committed to providing durable tools of field data capture for domestic and foreign enterprises to promote more efficient management.

Dive into The Industry Development Needs and Realize Business Innovation

With the deepening of the upstream and downstream cooperation of the global industrial chain, enterprises have started a new round of review of their own supply chain and warehouse capacity. Based on the industry development needs, SEUIC has an insight into the core demands of the logistics and warehousing industry like liberating manpower, improving efficiency and equipment management capabilities. With the continues deep research, SEUIC has built a multi-dimensional business product line, from automation solutions to the cost-effective optimization for a certain scenario and the development of device management software to help customers go further.

Exceeding Industry Standards for Quality Control

High quality is the lifeline of SEUIC. Therefore, based on the principle that the enterprise standard should be higher than the national and industry standard, SEUIC set up a quality control system including supplier management and product quality management. Meanwhile, SEUIC has built a national-level CNAS certification lab to ensure the products pass the international authoritative certification of quality, environment, safety and multiple reliability tests to provide customers with better products. 

Continuously Explore Overseas Market with International Tactics

After years of steady expansion, SEUIC international tactics work effectively. Overseas technical support and after-sales service teams have expanded year by year. We have won many well-known customers in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Russia, Europe, Latin America and other countries and regions. The overseas market has grown rapidly.

The Russian warehousing and logistics industry market is looking for new solutions, and the value of CeMAT Russia is right here. SEUIC will bring more choices of data capture products and solutions for the Russian market.

1. Overhead Warehouse, Cold Chain - AUTOID Q7 Series

AUTOID Q7 (Grip) and AUTOID Q7 (Cold) are parts of the SEUIC AUTOID Q7 handheld computer product line and designed to solve the problem of special warehouse operations. 

2. RFID Tunnel Reader Sorting Solution - UF2 Fixed RFID Reader

RFID technology provides a new idea for improving the efficiency of the sorting process. The tunnel reader with built-in fixed RFID reader(s) forms an automatic sorting line in the warehouse. It solves the problem of manually turning the barcode and helps the enterprise to be more cost-effective. Currently, the missing reading rate is less than 1 and there is no cross-reading.

3. Telnet Based Voice Solution – CRUISE 1

Here comes the solution for picking by listening and speaking! SEUIC voice solution is based on the Telnet protocol and can be realized in Telnet and B/S front-end mode without high investment in software and hardware solutions. It frees both hands and eyes for the workers in the warehouse picking process and greatly improves the efficiency.

 handheld terminal

The products used in the above solutions are currently on display, welcome friends at the site to visit SEUIC booth and unlock more solutions!

Booth B319 in Hall 2

CROCUS-EXPO Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia